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Untitled - Ruido Genital / Permanent Death - Split (CDr)

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  1. Tojajind
    Permanent Death / Gorgonized Dorks: The Hand Of Doom: Bringer Of Gore Records: #/ Permanent Death / Morality Declined: Split Tape: Untitled Prod: Permanent Death / Mucus: Split Tape: Permanent Death / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium: Wild Stench Of Piss: Pre-ble Erections: #80/ Permanent Death.
  2. Shaktilkis
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  3. Tujar
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  4. Maura
    Apr 04,  · In this cdr, he offers a track of distorted noise and irregular pulses, like a series of broken circuits in a huge machine. Gorgonized Dorks, a band from South Carolina, is on the flipside, playing blistering harsh noise/noisecore with an industrial touch. cdr on Smell The Stench.
  5. Voshakar
    split 3" cdr with Ego Death (20 made) on Sewer Records, Greece. another split 3" cdr with Ego Death (20 made) on Sewer Records, Greece. split cdr with Ego Death on Subliminal Recordings, Greece. another split with Ego Death on Smell The Stench, Australia band line-up: ben viele - drums, theremin, keyboards, noise.
  6. Kagalkree
    BELGIUM PERMANENT DEATH mid-summer - pre-spring (* = TAPE/CDR/VINYL not availablè anymore by permanent death) (** = TAPE only .
  7. Maumi
    -PORDIOZERO - a los pajaros (Colombia industrial)-digipack pro cdr- [X3] -PORDIOZERO – demolición de mi oído=administración de mi violencia (Colombia industrial)-digipack pro cdr- [X3] -COMIC SANS TERRORIST (Fabio Crivellaro) – Italia – (INDUSTRIAL-COMPUTARIZADO-TECHNO) – cassette - [X1] -EXTREME HAIR STENCH / BIG FIST JHONNY.
  8. Goltik
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  9. Nigar
    Dec 31,  · RUIDO GENITAL / PERMANENT DEATH - split CDR (Bummer, I was looking forward to listening to this one, but something went wrong while it ripped to my iPod. The whole thing ripped as a 2 minute CD with just the first couple of seconds of some of the songs, all of the audio scuffed and damaged. After checking the CD in my stereo it seems to have died.

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